Thursday, August 19, 2010

ESP Lines (PG)

Operator: ESP Lines, good morning. This is Lynn. How may I assist you?
Caller: Did you know I was gonna call? Are you able to predict the future? Is this for real?
Operator: Slowly, ma'am. One question at a time, please.
Caller: I'm a man. Hello? I just sound like a woman. Why can't you tell that?
Operator: Excuse me, SIR. Even if I was a psychic, which I'm not, it doesn't make me any more of a voice expert than you are a gentleman.
Caller: Excuse ME! So now you admit you're not a psychic?!
Operator: When did I ever say I was?
Caller: Then why call yourself ESP?? You're obviously a fake!
Operator (laughs): I'm afraid you're mistaken. ESP refers to you – Extremely Stupid Person!
Caller: Kaninabe chow chee bye!
Operator: You're welcome.
Caller (as Operator hangs up): Wait, can I have your mobile number?...



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