Monday, August 16, 2010

Meal @ Manpuku

When Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town first opened its doors at Level 3 of Tampines 1 last year, there were long lines of patrons snaking outside the 500-seater food hall (ditto UNIQLO). Today, this concept restaurant sees only a trickling of customers one would expect in a Tōei tearoom. What happened?

Regardless, I was one of those 'two or three kittens' who checked out the Ajisen establishment and – boy – was I pleased.

(Above left): Omurice (omelette + rice) with chicken cutlets from Hokkyokusei. Guess this cuisine's getting popular here. Substantial and gravy-licious.

(Above right): Okonomiyaki from Botejyu. Tasty teppan snack that's similar in some ways to our local fried carrot cake. Good while it lasts.

You can never go wrong with a banana-chocolate parfait to parry all that grease previously ingested.



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