Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bottle Tree Park Series

Nestled in Yishun, at 81 Lorong Chencharu (which is 15 minutes walk from Khatib MRT Station), is the pastoral Bottle Tree Park. If you like fishing, paintballing, RC car racing or simply spending a weekend afternoon without fuss, then this is one of the cool places to check out.

5Couple swan paddling at a rather steep rental charge of $9 per 15 minute block (or an hourly rate of $500 for 12 swans). Any tryers? No? In that case, moving on...

5Water hyacinth resembling free-floating colonies of green. Science students, can you list three basic characteristics of these tropical plants? [3 marks]

5Bull cart ride for those too tired to tread on foot. Doesn't cost a cent, but doesn't move an inch, either.

5Stand to drive away a brand new Zotye Trex if you can name Mr. Alex Neo's favorite exotic flora species. Otherwise, wait for next year's Subaru Challenge.

5Tony Roma's for dinner?


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